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Retro ölskylt med siffran 30 i kvällssol

Vattenmärket Lokal Helhet är självklart inte med på bilden vid leverans.

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Retro ölskylt med siffran 30 i kvällssol

79,00 kr

Explore a retro beer sign with the number 30, illuminated by the warm rays of the evening sun. Perfect for themes of nostalgia and community.

  • Image description: AI designed image
  • Format: JPG – File
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 4096×2340 pixels
  • Areas of use: – Print media: canvas paintings, postcards, clothes, etc. – for private use – Digital platforms: websites (both personal and commercial), social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Artikelnr: 551 n3 Kategorier: , , Etikett:

Retro beer sign with the number 30 in the evening sun

A charming retro beer sign with the number 30, captured in the warm light of a setting sun. The sign, decorated with a classic beer bottle and the word "beer", has an aged and rusty finish that gives it an authentic vintage feel. The soft lighting and green plants in the background create an inviting and nostalgic atmosphere, perfect for highlighting themes of tradition and community.

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Aspect Ratio: JPG 16:9 - 4096x2340px - 80x40cm / Without Watermark
- This aspect ratio is optimized for use on computer screens and provides a wide and panoramic view. If you plan to use the image for printing, it can handle up to 120x80cm without losing image quality / the image cuts off a bit if you don't choose the right image size, the last image is A4 format.

Color and Print Quality:
- Please be aware that color reproduction and print quality may vary depending on your device's screen calibration and printer. Differences in color and print quality may occur when transferring a digital image to printed form. The end result also depends on the type of printer and paper used for printing.

Delivery and Download:
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